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Photo by my 6 year old daughter, Tobi Ho

I was raised in Chappaqua, New York.  From a very young age, my parents made it a priority to immerse me and my sister in the woods of the Catskills and the shores of Maine every summer.  Being close to nature developed into a love for the outdoors that landed me at the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment.  The last class I took while I was there was a beginner’s class on nature photography and I was instantly hooked.  To me, there is something really intriguing about attempting to capture on film what one experiences in life when surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature.  I moved to Estes Park Colorado (right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park) in 1999 and have found it to be a rich environment to hike and take photographs. In 2012, I also founded Fall River Productions, Inc. with Brian Biggs which specializes in Wedding Photography and Videography, as well as group photography and corporate videos. 

I usually hit the trail anytime between midnight and 3 am to reach a destination by dawn.  I find it both enjoyable Alexander Ho and specializes in Alpenglow Photographyand challenging to be chasing after the brief moments of alpenglow. It is by far the most  spectacular in the summer months and it starts as early as 5:10 am.  Usually, everything gets cast in "light" first with very little color.  The mountains then appear to slowly soak up the sunrise.  On a perfect morning it usually graduates from intense pink to a deep orange and finally a glowing yellow.  This phenomenon lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to one half hour.  It is only one in maybe four hikes that I encounter what I consider “perfect" light.  Often times even a few low lying clouds can cause a complete absence of alpenglow.

I am currently using a Pentax 67II medium format film camera with a 45 mm, 100 mm macro and a 90-180 mm zoom (halve these for 35mm ratio).  My other essentials are a tripod and a collection of Galen Rowell graduated neutral density filters by Singh-Ray. These filters compensate for the difference in foreground and background light intensity.  I photograph with Fuji Velvia ISO 50 slide film.  I find its ability to accurately reproduce the surrounding colors to be nothing short of amazing.  The colors you see in my images are as they were.  I never use color or warming filters to intensify the colors or mood in the surrounding scenery.

To find my way to many of the remote destinations in RMNP, I rely heavily on Lisa Foster's book, Rocky Mountain National Park: The Complete Hiking Guide. Without her book, many of my pictures would not have been possible. I am very impressed with her knowledge of the Park and how she has personally hiked to every single named destination in the park and beyond.  Lisa hiked 7,000 miles during her research for the book, which took nearly 15 years to complete. To purchase her book or to learn more about hiking in RMNP, visit

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